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Steven Bobker saw his first computers in 1964. He fell hook, line, and Fortran IV.
Twenty years later Macs finally arrived — a real personal computer. No more kits (KIM-1), or toys. What was merely a full-time hobby quickly became an all-consuming passion, and then a job as Technical Editor on the MacUser start-up team. He soon became the editor-in-chief of MacUser and, later, its Chief Scientist and Chief Visionary. His long-held belief that computers were for the masses and not just the techy, geeky elite became firmly set during this period.

In 1992 he created the editorial package for Windows User, serving as both editor-in-chief and editorial director. He has also written regular columns for MacUser, MacUser UK, Computer Shopper, and MacGuide. As an online service veteran of the late 1980's (he met Hilary, his wife, on CompuServe when he was in Palo Alto and she was in Brooklyn), an Internet addiction was a foregone conclusion.

As the owner of Raw Fish Systems (Webs and Words) he currently writes about and consults on Mac and Internet issues. Still one of the strongest believers that personal computers are for ordinary people doing ordinary things, he also provides personal technical support for a select clientele.