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You write well will be waiting for your new publications.

gayle smith

I had cervical fusion with paul marcotte aand it was a very good exoerience. Later, however, I required lumbar fusion which resulted in a nightmare. When I awoke, was told everything was ok, but nothing to eat or drink. Unusual. Getting nervous. Awakened at 2 am for a cat scan. Once again, told everything was ok, but nothing to eat or drink. Next morning at 6:30 am told I have to have 2nd surgery as 1 screw is not properly placed. Why? Didn't they look when I was on the table? Had 2nd surgery by someone I never met as Marcotte was apparently otherwise occupied. Hve been in constant, debilitating pain ever since. Last visit with neurologist was told there was nothing to be done - just keep me comfortable. I'm only 59! What the hell happened to my life - a runner, volleyball player, hiker, gardener - all of this has been taken from me.

Irma Metaxas

How's the operation going? Your knee and your spine should feel better now. You probably find it easy to go up and down the stairs and get in and out of the car now. Are you still using your grabber stick to reach things?

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